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Good Vibrations voice lesson and performance options are designed to work with your lifestyle. Whether you enjoy coming into the studio and working face-to-face or prefer the comfort of your own home, this studio offers in-person and online lessons. If you’re a busy bee that finds themselves on the road a lot for work, school, or other commitments, Naomi can also accommodate a hybrid teaching schedule. Regardless of your preference, all you need is commitment, as we pledge ourselves to making you a better and more comfortable singer while having a BLAST! Lesson options include:

Voice Classes For Beginners

Beginners of all ages deserve respect and excellent teaching! Are you looking for the first place to start when it comes to singing? Are you intrigued by many styles of music? Are you a social human? Do you love to learn? If you want a crash course in the basics of singing skills, this is it!

Private Lessons (Good Vibes Vocalists)

Are you a singer who is ready to level up? Do you crave structure, steady training, and planned progress? Are you eager to perform and get in front of an audience?

Summer Singing (Drop-In Lessons)

Are you an experienced singer looking for a set of ears you can trust, a mentor who “gets you”, and a teacher who cares more about you than they do about their own ego?





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