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My students are the reasons I do what I do. As a voice teacher, the greatest satisfaction comes from seeing the joy and excitement that singing brings to their lives. Especially as their confidence grows, and their technique improves. At Good Vibrations, we are all about our community and spreading good vibes all around. Here are some student stories, parent feedback, and testimonials to give you an idea of what working with me is like.

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What Did You Love About Your Voice/Singing Before You Started Lessons?


“I have always loved singing ever since I was a little kid. When I started taking singing lessons I dreamed of singing these interesting and challenging pieces and being able to sing loud and proud. I loved that my voice could sound like colours and emotions.”


“I just loved to sing, honestly. It was many, many moons ago and I’ve grown so much as a performer since then.”


“My voice’s ability to hit some high notes!”


What Were Your Big Dreams For Your Singing Lessons Before You Began Lessons This Year?


“I dreamed of a fun and engaging lesson where I get to sing and play around with my voice and really have fun with songs and my instrument.”


“To help my voice get stronger, in the sense of learning how to avoid cracking, have more clarity in my tone, less breathy, etc. Also, to branch out a little and try new kinds of songs than the more soprano, classical songs that I’m often more drawn to. And finally, to be able to feel satisfied after a performance that I stuck to the techniques that I practiced with and didn’t get so nervous and tense that everything I practiced goes out the window.”


“That I would feel much more comfortable singing in public.”


What Habits Have You Created Around Your Singing And Performance Practice
That Are Helping You Achieve Your Goals?


“Learning to practice and sing with intention. It can be really easy to just slack off and be in a different state while practicing. But really learning to be in my practice, and be in my song has really helped. Another thing that has really helped is learning to go with the flow and trust that I know what I’m doing!”


“Willingness to practice using sheet music. More free and confident to try things and accept feedback.”


“Since I learn by ear, I like listening to tracks and vocal guides when I have some free time or know I’m missing a note. I am also trying to practice in front of a mirror so I can observe my facial expressions and actions as well as my voice.”





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